Our employees have international working experience, a number of degrees and Honors degrees between us. We have experience with handling queries and audits from SARS, Department of Labour, etc. 

We have implemented processes and procedures and assist clients with their statutory requirements applicable to running a business.

We are assisting clients with their tax planning, setting up tax efficient structures and registering new companies and trusts. 

We are a growing company and have clients for which we do the full accounting and payroll function up to clients for whom we only prepare the financial statements - it all depends on the individual or business needs. 

Our clients range from construction, medical, farming, Fast Food, Vehicle dealers, etc.


We are confident in offering you expert services in line with your expectations and above those offered by our rivals. With that in mind, we do the following things differently to our competitors for your benefit

Part-time cfo/controller

We do the following for your benefit:

 • Schedule Work 

We schedule your work for a time that works for you. This allows us to ensure that we have available resources when required to be able to complete your work fast and to a high standard. This allows us to meet our KPI of completing annual financial statements and tax returns within 4 weeks. 

 • Collect Information 

Up-front Prior to starting any job, we provide you a specific checklist of the information that is required. This means that when we start work we have everything that we need to do the job quickly, efficiently and without distracting you. Provided we have all information jobs are processed within 4 weeks. 

 • Fixed Fees 

99% of accountants make more money by being inefficient and spending more time doing your work. This is crazy and we don’t want to be a part of it. That is why we provide a fixed fee proposal before starting every job. You will know what your work will cost upfront and you will never receive a surprise invoice. 

 • Technology 

We use the latest technology to drive efficiency in our business. This means that you get top quality service at competitive prices. 

 • Relationships 

We understand the importance of a strong working relationship. Clients get the greatest value from our services when there is a strong working relationship and when we are clear on your goals, challenges and opportunities. For this reason, we encourage clients to stay in touch and do not charge them for telephone calls and emails. We also like to schedule at least one meeting every year (an AGM) with clients with their Client Manager at no extra cost. 

 Lastly, we understand the importance of your “accounting team” working together cohesively. In this respect, we make it our business to build a strong working relationship with our clients. 


The Accounting software for businesses, that works anywhere you do and automate everyday business tasks

Stay connected to your business

Use our mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims – or login from anywhere.

Invoicing & Quotes

Create professional recurring invoices and receive updates when they’re opened. 

Avoid cash flow problems for your business, by staying ahead of unpaid and overdue invoices, view outstanding invoices and payment history at a glance

Bank Reconciliations

Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click OK to reconcile.

Your latest banking, credit card, PayPal and Payfast transactions are imported and categorised.

800+ third-party apps

Inventory, invoicing, time tracking, expenses and more all integrate with Xero.

Information security

Protect your precious business information with extra layers of security in Xero.


Tailor smart financial reports and budgets to understand and track what matters most.

Hubdoc is now included in Xero subscriptions

Hubdoc is included in Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans as long as it’s connected to your Xero subscription. Hubdoc allows you to cut paperwork clutter, save time with our new data capture and automatic entry tool. Snap paper bills and receipts straight into Xero. Get them by email? Forward them directly into your accounts. 

OUR partners and technology


For a fixed monthly fee, our team will take care of all your accounting, payroll and tax work that you can’t or don’t want to do.


  • Annual Financial Statements 
  • Preparation and submission of relevant SARS returns: VAT, Provisional & Annual Income Tax 
  • Payroll processing and submission of relevant returns: PAYE, UIF, SDL, EMP501, UI19 & Compensation fund
  • Available for telephonic support on tax and accounting queries
  • Applicable Software subscriptions 
The pricing is based on our estimate of costs for accounting services. Click below to contact us and discuss your ideal package!

(Audits, non statutory and ad-hoc tasks will be quoted separately.)


from R2500
per month (excluding VAT)

  • All default inclusions
  • Bi-monthly cash book processing and journals (No supplier invoice processing)
  • Bi-monthly account recons
  • Bi-monthly reports


from R3500
per month (excluding VAT)

  • All default inclusions
  • Bi-monthly cash book processing and journals (No supplier invoice processing)     
  • Bi-monthly account recons
  • Bi-monthly reports


from R4700
per month (excluding VAT)

  • All default inclusions
  • Bi-monthly cash book and supplier processing (Hubdoc  document processing)
  • Bi-monthly recons
  • Bi-Monthly reports


from R6,500
per month (excluding VAT)

  • All default inclusions
  • Bi-monthly cash book and supplier processing (Hubdoc document processing)
  • Virtual CFO service
  • Monthly recons
  • Monthly reports


Contact us to talk about our services and how we can help your business grow.


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